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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android Educational Games.

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Two blacks do not make one white.....
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蒼青のミラージュ Mod 蒼青のミラージュ MOD APK 1.4.14 (Weak Enemy HP and damage) Features:Weak Enemy HP and damage[Story begins]the third Cold War...high-speed economic growth,expanding influence for Russia is Pro-Russian faction of countries together with the United States, and NATO camp that conflict with him.both camps of the conflict intensified, the Maximus・Hilbert by the world's top technology and development capabilities with private military companies NeoForce is established. A few years later, warships modeled on equipped for the special forces,the neo force naval fleet to the newly established.After that suddenly appeared in each country's Navy to surpass the powers released by the"Deep Sea Fleet".countries the only thing left of the counter means, the neo force naval fleet to the relief applied for,members of the Deep Sea Fleet and repel them from did not...... unidentified enemies of the"Deep Sea Fleet"is...? They continue to fight why...?neo Force personnel and continue to fight her our story now begins... [game system]◆strategic overflowing naval battle simulation RPGneo Force Navy fleet commanders a variety of skills・ship kind of compatibility・equipped with a variety use real-time through a naval battle and lead them to victory.operation is not good people and people who are busy the whole action to the members to leave it to"AUTO","SEMI", such as also may choose not to. ◆serious view of the world and completely original.the waters to proceed to the truth. ◆distinctive personnel andplenty of members appeared. My favorite was the neo Force personnel (character) is fighting and living in Secretary ship in various conversations can be found. "blue blue Mirage"the official Twitter up!https://twitter.com/NeoforceSA the [help・contact] any comments and requests about the game, or bug report, please visit the following address e-mail address, please contact us. (The review column and the official Twitter of your questions regarding individual correspondence do not do.)[email protected]◆When you contact us fill in you content ‣customer's numeric UID (login on the bottom right of the screen as described and more.) ‣use the device name ‣trouble details, comments and requests * The Alpha crystals in the game is not reflected,order number・to provide a screenshot please. [recommended] terminalAndroid 5.0 or more(in 2015 and beyond was launched in models will be required.)app [price]application body:free-to-play ※there is some paid items. Please make sure to check all terms and service before using.....
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They sought their shame that so their shame did find;...
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