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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android card Games.

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"There are nearly as many Elliotts and Crawfords," said Doctor Dave, after the laughter had subsided. "You know, Gilbert, we folk on this side of Four Winds have an old saying--`From the conceit of the Elliotts, the pride of the MacAllisters, and the vainglory of the Crawfords, good Lord deliver us.'"...
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Fire Emblem Heroes’ version 3 update arrived today, bringing big changes to Nintendo’s hit mobile game, including the next book in Heroes’ ongoing storyline. On top of the extended narrative, the update introduces new Mythic Heroes, a Hero Fest, and a whole bunch of other goodies.Book III of the story is now available, with the order of Heroes facing off against a new enemy from Hel. Players who complete Chapter 1: Part 5 of the third book will get 5-star Mythic Hero Eir: Merciful Death. These new characters are drawn from the godlike characters from throughout the Fire Emblem series. They each have special abilities that players can unlock in Aether Raids.....
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Toca Life World MOD APK provides a free open world for everyone. So every player can do anything to this open playground. With this open-world game to players can meet new characters to make a new storyline. Also, start your own story with other characters. There are many kinds of tasks and multiple lifestyle things available. This one article is not enough for told about that lifestyle things. When the player starts to play, the game will provide one character for the player. Until last, the player can play with this character and do anything....
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'His browny locks did hang in crooked curls;....
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Glu Mobile now has two new celebrity-based games in the works, in the hope of emulating the success it saw in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood - a game that made $43.4 million in just three months.Previously, the firm said it would make a game based on the owner of firework and whipped cream-shooting boobs, Katy Perry.Now it has announced that 90s idol Britney Spears will get in on the action, too.The game will feature the voice, likeness, and even creative influence of Britney, and the app will let you "interact with Britney" (not like that) and experience "the glitz and glamour of the entertainment business".Presumably that won't include quests about shaving your head and attacking paparazzi with an umbrella.....
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Anime High School Simulator Mod Anime High School Simulator Mod APK 3.0.9 Features:Unconditional use of gold, crystalUnlimited skill pointAnime High School Simulator is an anime-style game simulator in which you play as Miku, a schoolgirl who in love with senpai,with him she studied at the old school since childhood, but Senpai always wanted to practice kendo,so he moved to the best kendo highschool in a small city in Japan.Miku also moved to a new school to be closer to Senpai, but between them is Monika, a yandere girl who also loves Senpai and she is already dating him.Miku will have to go a long way to become the best in high school and finally confess her feelings to senpai. - Explore the highschool and the city- Talk to students and other inhabitants of the school- Complete quests and missions- Improve your skills and character stats- Large variation of weaponsThe game is under development and many features will be added soon.....