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<p>Oh Freddie, what have they done to you?</p><p>There's now an official Queen game. Queen the band, that is. Not the old ma on her golden throne.</p><p>It's called Queen: Play The Game and, for some reason, it's a trivia game.</p><p>Yeah, you have to answer questions about the band and their songs. There are also wordsearches and other Queen-based mini-games to play. Why isn't this a dating sim or a Rock Band-esque ordeal?</p><p>Whatever. At least you get to unlock artwork and listen to some Queen songs while you play.</p><p>And it caters to all levels of Queen fandom too, with three difficulty modes ranging from novice to expert.</p><p>How well do you know Freddie's moustache? Are you a Killer Queen or will you be killed by the radio? You can probably find out the answers to these questions by playing the game.</p><p>You can purchase Queen: Play The Game for £2.29 / $2.99 on the App Store and Google Play.</p>.

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