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1、Anne went slowly back to the others.�

2、�Robbi Mod


4、�Have you been playing Bungie's definitely not an MMO but obviously an MMO sci-fi shooter Destiny?Then you may be interested to know that there's a companion app - available on the App Store and Google Play - that lets you see your stats and other info on your smartphone.Our pals across the pond at 148Apps have put together a quick guide that explains how to set the app, and use all its features to get the most out of this nifty second screen experience."Destiny Companion is meant to make it easier for you to monitor things like clan activity and special events from outside the game," says verified moon wizard Rob Rich. Read more, here.

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2、Sad news today as Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is set to be delisted from the App Store on September 1st. It started life as a PSP game back in 2008, before eventually being ported over to iOS in 2014. The delisting is especially unfortunate seeing as it leaves mobile players with only Monster Hunter Stories to fall back on.Those who’ve already purchased Freedom Unite will of course still be able to download it and access its single-player and online mode, though the in-game chat feature from the ‘Gathering Hall’ will cease to work after September 1st. For now, it’s supported up to iOS 10.2, but it’s hard to be happy when it feels like that’s just delaying the inevitable.If you haven’t got around to playing it yet, I’m not sure I’d recommend paying full price considering that, before you know it, it’ll no longer be supported. It was a great entry in the long-running series back in 2008 and I’m sure the same is still true of it in 2019, but £14.99 is a lot to pay for a game that will soon be borderline inaccessible to most.We reviewed Monster Hunter Freedom Unite at launch, saying it’s ‘a huge, wonderful looking, deep experience’, before awarding it a gold rating. Now that the PSP is pretty much dead, the iOS port was likely the best way to play it, despite its finicky controls and ever-so-slightly muddy visuals.&#;

3、Dreamare Mod Dreamare v 1.3.6 Mod Features:UnlockDreamare is an addictive puzzle adventure with a unique enviroment that combines a beautiful but also a mysterious dream.You will be playing with Dika, a little girl who is lost and completely disoriented in a mysterious and magical dream, where she will have to find the mysterious secrets hidden in the forest and in which she will have to make her way through a journey full of challenges, mysterious creatures and dangers of all kinds.On her way she will have to help the forest guardian Habu that wants to recover his lost magic medallions in the forest, in exchange he will give her the opportunity to find the magical portals that will take her back home. Even though after all she will realize that it will not be as easy as she thought it would be, the journey will be long and increasingly complicated.At some point she will wonder if she is truly lost in a dream where the only thing she has to do is wake up or in some way she will have to go deeper into the mysterious dream and discover her hidden magical abilities to face the challenges that await on her long journey back home.&#;


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