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In this category, you can find the list of Mod apk Games developed for Android urvival Games.

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"I'd a letter from Mr. Ford, Mistress Blythe, and he says the life-book is accepted and is going to be published next fall. I felt fair uplifted when I got the news. To think that I'm to see it in print at last."....
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The Rich Man and the Tanner....
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Tokyo-based developer Wizcorp has announced Striker Arena for iPad later this year.It's a violent 3D football game set on a distant planet where ancient tribes (that look a lot like vikings) settle their differences with "Soccer of the Gods"."Once every ten years, tribes gather in the Striker Arena tournament to battle each other under the authority of their Emperor. Each tribe enlists the bravest and fiercest of their kin to fight for glory," it reads on the Striker Arena website.You'll be tasked with choosing a side to play or, um, fight for, and then have to try to "crush" your opponent to become the new Emperor.I'm getting the vibe that this is more of a real-time sports game as opposed to a turn-based one like Blood Bowl. But I could be very wrong on that....
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